There are some university students that dream of getting out of the grind of studying, assignments, exams, studying, assignment, exams. “One day, I’ll be my own boss” they say, as they’re cramming for a mid-term the next day.

Unfortunately, the reality is that life for entrepreneurs is about as uncomfortable as exam week, if not more, according to Jamie Clarke. Having scaled Mount Everest twice, and trekked through Saudi Arabia on camel, Jamie knows a thing or two about high pressure situations. Now the Co-Founder of Live Out There, Jamie said the entrepreneurial journey is kind of like exam week; except exam week is 52 weeks a year.

If you were the type of student that thrived under pressure, and loved proving how hard you’d studied, you might make an excellent entrepreneur. However, if you were the type that was just waiting for exam week to be over, and you had Bermuda Shorts Day circled on your calendar; entrepreneurship might not be for you.