Starting your own business takes a unique mix of confidence and humility; being willing to learn and pivot on the fly, but also focus in on your idea and believe in yourself when others don’t.

As the co-founder, CEO, janitor and HR rep of PandaHaus Jan Hudec says, “In a good startup, you need five people capable of running a billion dollar company, but are humble enough to know they are nobodies in a company that doesn’t exist.”

There’s certainly a specific personality type that thrives in a startup environment. For PandaHaus, a Canadian app that connects the sports community, their founders needed to be willing to give up prestigious titles, and even business cards, for the sake of making connections and encouraging people to adopt the platform. All that hard work eventually pays off though, when they’re able to make in-roads because they focused more on customers and expanding their network than making themselves look as good as possible.