Worth north of $40 billion, there’s very few people in North America that aren’t aware of Uber, the transportation behemoth that turned the taxi industry on its head. What is not common knowledge, however, is the fact that Uber was co-founded by Calgary and University of Calgary graduate Garrett Camp.

We sat down with Ramit Kar, the GM, Western Canada of Uber, to chat about Uber’s YYC origins. According to Ramit, despite the idea of Uber being conceived in Paris, 2 of Uber’s first 3 employees were Calgarian. Camp, who came up with the idea for Uber after he had difficulty hailing a cab, had previously started the website StumbleUpon, while he was a student at the U of C.

All in all, according to Ramit, the story of Uber’s origins is, at its heart, a Calgary story.