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When Launch Calgary *ahem* launches, it does so featuring some of Calgary’s best entrepreneurs, sharing their wisdom, life lessons, successes, and failures, on a variety of topics. Whether you having nothing more than an idea on a napkin, or are looking to expand to your fifth retail location, Launch Calgary features the likes of Brett Wilson, Sponsor Energy’s Carolyn Martin, Village Brewery’s Jim Button, and more speaking on issues relevant to your business. As the site grows, so too will our library of content, featuring new entrepreneurs and businesses walking you through every stage of being an entrepreneur.

It’s dangerous to go alone!

Launch Calgary is committed to being more than just a learning platform, but instead becoming a doing platform. This means we don’t stop at simply transferring knowledge, but instead work to increase the participation, productivity, and success of entrepreneurs in Calgary’s ecosystem. What this looks like tangibly for Launch Calgary is a fully built-out community platform where entrepreneurs can meet, share ideas, tackle businesses together, and chat with some of the city’s best business people, all online; through mobile or desktop.

Additionally, we want to provide resources and motivation to every entrepreneur, so they are always excited to take the next step in their entrepreneurial journey. With this in mind, we are fully gamifying the entrepreneur experience, from conceiving of your first idea, to making your first sale, to receiving investment or expanding your business! Our goal is to provide a ‘road map’ for entrepreneurs, taking out the guess work that often comes with trying to go from business idea to business success.

On the horizon…

We’re excited to help further equip entrepreneurs in our city with the resources they need to be successful, and we appreciate you joining with us on this journey. If you’re interested in staying up to date with our progress, sign up for the mailing list below, where you’ll get exclusive sneak peeks at any new features before they launch, and the opportunity to beta test new initiatives before they go live.

We’re all in this together!